We’re Gotiggo, a blog that loves helping people to start businesses. 

We started working for a couple of years out of university, and then one glorious pub evening, we decided that we’d try our hand at starting a business.

We also wish our story was more dramatic.

We liked our jobs, but the trust is, we just wanted a bit more. More time. More creative license. An income that isn’t fixed. And we assume you do too.

The problem with starting a business, is that it’s become a huge beast that seems difficult to tackle. Advice is all over the ruddy place, and it becomes so complicated, that many give up from the get go. So that’s the problem we decided to solve.

What you’ll find here is rigorous and impartial advice, with radical honesty. 

We don’t have a headquarters beyond out houses, so here’s a picture of one of our “offices”. 

Location – someplace in Swindon

Any questions? Get in touch – hello@gotiggo.com